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A Complete Guide to Larven Atelier Charivari for English Speakers

Aktualisiert: 25. Feb. 2023

Introduction to Atelier Charivari's Handmade Traditional Larven (Masks)

At Atelier Charivari, we have been creating handmade traditional Basel masks, or "Larven" as they are traditionally known, since 1976. Our masks are produced using paper and glue, in accordance with traditional methods of our family-run business. We offer a wide variety of sculpted mask shapes to choose from, as well as the option to bring your own ideas or designs for us to create a custom mask that meets your specific needs.

Masks for the Basler Fasnacht and other Occasions


Our masks are suitable for the Carnival of Basel, as well as other carnival activities, theatre productions, operas and other events. We are dedicated to creating unique masks that are crafted with traditional methods.


The Production Process and Accessories


Our team takes great care in the production process, from the initial "kaschieren", cutting and varnishing, to the customizing and painting of each mask. In addition to our masks, we also offer a wide range of accessories such as wigs and hats to complete your Basler Fasnacht look. We are more than happy to work with you to create the perfect mask for your specific needs.

Ordering and Shipping Information


When ordering from Atelier Charivari, it's important to keep in mind that the Carnival of Basel takes place annually between February and March. If you're looking to order a mask for an event outside of the carnival, it's best to place your order between March and August, as this is when we have more availability to work on non-carnival orders. To ensure the timely completion of your order, please make sure to include all necessary information when placing your order. If you're ordering from outside of Switzerland, please note that production time may vary and we will inform you when your package is ready to be shipped.

Note that the items in the Larven Online Shop are only shipped inside Switzerland.

Costs and Pricing Information when buying Larven (masks) for the Carnival of Basel or other occasions.

Regarding costs, prices will vary depending on the mask shape, treatment, and shipping costs. Feel free to contact us via email for more information on pricing. We look forward to creating a truly unique mask for you.

Thank you for visiting our website.

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