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Not every page on our website is yet translated in English. We will work on the other pages if we feel the need/request to do so. The purpose of this English version is a way of answering the most frequently asked questions as well as offering more insight to our procedure and the development of our product. 

We cannot guarantee that our English translation is flawless, please excuse possible mistakes in language and grammar. 

In our catalogue you will find a huge selection of mask shapes from our collection.

In the galery you can look at some pictures of our work on the carnival and single items in our atelier.

In our online shop, we offer various items. The masks in this online shop are original pieces and were not included in a series. That means every one is individual and unique. These masks are only sent within Switzerland.

Here you find our adress and other contact information as well as a contact form.

Thank you for visiting Larve Atelier Charivari

The Larven Atelier Charivari in Basel, Switzerland exists since 1976.

We produce countless masks (in Basel traditionally called "Larven") every year.

Our masks are produced with paper and glue in accordance with tradition. After repeated cutting, varnishing and finally painting the masks with a white base color, the next step is customizing, so the masks fit our clients.


After that, the masks will be painted and expanded with wigs, hats or other accessories. You are welcome to bring your ideas, wishes or just an overall idea and/or leave the design entirely up to us.

We have a collection of more than 600 sculpted shapes of which you can choose one or a series. You can also show us your own idea or vision for we will take the time to manufacture/sculpt a new original mask shape from which we can produce masks that correspond to your wishes.

Mainly, we produce for the Basler Fasnacht (the Carnival of Basel). We also manufacture masks for other carnival activities, Swiss and international theatre productions, operas and other events/shows.

We are proud to say, all our masks are handmade from paper with traditional methods.

Important information regarding ordering, costs & production time

The Carnival of Basel takes place annually between February and March. If you want us to produce a mask for other purposes than the carnival in Basel, be aware, that we are able to work and deliver generally much faster in the months between March and August since in the above mentioned months, we are almost fully occupied with manufacturing for the carnival in Basel. However, you can order then, but the production time is longer in comparison.

March to August. This is the most suitable timeframe for any non-Carnival of Basel-purpose like your personal souvenir, theatre masksaccessories or a traditional handmade mask as a gift for friends or family.

If we get your order near the end of the year, this is no issue, but the last two or three weeks before the carnival in Basel, we are mostly very busy finishing hundreds of orders. From our experience, two or three months before and after the Carnival should be the ideal time to order, if the product is not used for the local carnival.

If you order via email or contact form please make sure your order includes


  • the correct product numbers (every mask has a product number)

  • the way you want the eyes cut (same for the mouth, if you want the mouth slash/vent)

  • if you like the masks with or without helmets or elastic band to wear it

  • or if you want your mask to be prepared, so you can hang it at the wall (or somewhere). In this case we would provide it with a added hole and wire.

If you order from outside of Switzerland via email, please take into consideration that the production time varies. One mask may take a week or two until the package leaves our atelier/manufactory, depending on how much effort/capacity is needed for the respective shape. Also, a series takes more time to produce depending on said characteristics.

We will however inform you when the package will be handed over to the post office.

If you have questions concerning the prices, please dont hesitate to ask via email. The price depends on the shapes, the treatment (painted, white, varnished, cut etc.) and the shipping costs. 

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